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About ARC

ARC works with ministries of health to address the critical areas for building more efficient and effective health supply chain systems, including:

  • Up-to-date policies and strategies for optimal supply chain functioning.
  • Effective and efficient supply chain planning to achieve optimal utilisation of existing assets.
  • Identification and leveraging of resources to address capacity constraints within governments.
  • Access to leading private sector practices and technologies.
  • Analysing and advocating for appropriate investments in supply chain infrastructure.
  • Recognition of supply chain management as a sophisticated discipline requiring dedicated and specialised skills.

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How ARC supports countries in improving availability of medicines

  • Connect stakeholders in the health supply system with each other and with lessons learnt from other countries.
  • Complement transformation initiatives by bringing new ideas and approaches to supply chains.
  • Collaborate on large-scale transformation initiatives through cross-sector partnerships.

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Join the Movement

ARC is growing a community of practice and collaboration in the public health and supply chain environment in Africa through connecting practitioners and shared learning. Join the movement to help build a sustainable, self-sufficient supply chain system in Africa.

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