ARC helps accelerate the availability of medicines in Mozambique

ARC was invited to contribute to reimagining aspects of the healthcare supply chain in Mozambique to support the Mozambican government in its work to improve the availability of medicines.

September 10, 2020
Africa Resource Centre

The Mozambique Ministry of Health has developed a Strategic Plan for Pharmaceutical Logistics (PELF) to address supply chain challenges and improve the availability of medicines for the 30 million people living in Mozambique. The Central de Medicamentos e Artigos Médicos (CMAM) is responsible for implementing the PELF.

ARC was invited by The Global Financing Facility and its Private Sector Innovation for more effective Supply Chains partnership to support CMAM in its implementation of the PELF. ARC proposed and oversaw a detailed investment case analysis of the envisioned logistics changes in the PELF.

Engagement with CMAM on the findings of the investment case has been positive. The investment case analysis gave insight into the expected cost of investments into supply chain infrastructure and the ongoing warehousing and distribution costs and staffing requirements.

Find out more about ARC’s work in complementing, collaborating with and connecting stakeholders in Mozambique by downloading the credential document.